Sylvan Lakers Enjoy High Quality of Life

Sylvan Lakers enjoy high quality of life and connection to community

This fall, the Town of Sylvan Lake performed a community survey to measure the quality of municipal services and resident satisfaction levels with those services. Results are compared to those of a previous 2015 initiative and provide a performance-based report for Council, Administration, and the public.

Knowing that Sylvan Lakers are satisfied with the delivery of municipal services and that our residents enjoy a high overall quality of life here, is so encouraging. We love this town, and results like this are what we are always working towards. As a Council, we couldn’t be more grateful for the efforts of Town Staff to lead to these kinds of outcomes. We will always have challenges to overcome as a municipality, but when we work together as a community are capable of great things.” – Mayor Sean McIntyre, Town of Sylvan Lake

We are an organization that strives continuously to improve the manner in which the municipality serves the public so that Sylvan Lakers are informed, and active contributors to the progression of our community. These [survey] results help to understand the needs and wants of Sylvan Lakers, and identify areas for improvement.”– Wally Ferris, Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Sylvan Lake

Result highlights include:

  • 97% of respondents indicated that quality of life in the Town of Sylvan Lake was either good or very good; this result is up slightly from 92%, recorded in a 2015 study;
  • 82% of respondents agreed/strongly agreed that they feel a sense of connection in the community;
  • 85% of respondents indicated that they were either satisfied or strongly satisfied with the services offered by the municipal government;
  • 85% of respondents were either satisfied/very satisfied with the quality of customer service provided by Town service staff;
  • Top priorities among residents included:
    • Water infrastructure and access,
    • Roads, sidewalks, and traffic control,
    • Recreation facilities, and
    • Parks and trails;
  • Satisfaction levels with the municipal library (97%), and the Town’s Youth Centre (97%) were among the highest of various discrete services offered by the Town.

The Town of Sylvan Lake will use this data to identify areas for improvement and set targets and goals to achieve within the next two/three years.

Full 2018 Satisfaction Survey Report